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Order Delivery Problem | Not Good for Sellers


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So here is something serious which I experienced today. I delivered this order (10 hours before deadline). I got the standard delivery message:

This order will be marked as complete in 3 days.

However, when I came back to my ToDo list, the order was still there and was showing me how much time I had left to deliver. I tried again, redelivered the order and once again I got the standard delivery confirmation message but again when I clicked on my ToDo list, the order is still sticking there telling me how much time I had left. Up till now I have tried several times, tried delivering through different browsers, also cleared history and cache but still no luck. Now, at the time of writing this post, I have got the email warning me that I’m late in delivering my order and the buyer can now cancel the order UNLESS I deliver quick.

The buyer has the delivered product and I have a drop in my rating and delivery rate which is obviously not good.

If any one has experienced this or has any fix please share.


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