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Is fiverr real?


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I need to know the reality and i want to believe that the articles/posts i read on forum and blog about people make a living from selling their skills on fiverr.com are not fake and make up stories, pardon me if am wrong but my experience counts so i believe what am seeing as it’s happening to me…pause!

is fiverr real? some one prove it to me now! am losing the courage because all buyers are looking for huge reviews before making an order and how do people come up with all these huge sales as beginners?

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From $5 to $8508.20 in 4 months...you CAN do this Fiverr Sellers!

With as blessed as I feel being a part of Fiverr, I thought it important to share my personal experience with all of you, in the hopes that by being transparent and sharing what's happening to me (and my family because of it) you will stay the...

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From almost broke to $30K a month! Just because of fiverr!

Hello, May be its too late to share the story but I believe, it will inspire someone who is expecting something from fiverr. I am from India. When I was 5, my father died in Cancer & my mother had gone through a lot of struggle to raise me & my...

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Some people just like to brag. “look at my new phone” “look at my new house” “look at my swag”

You’re not in a race to compete with them. You’re on a gentle walk through your own life. Don’t envy or be jealous of their success–which may or may not be true. What’s the point?

You’re wasting your time with this question. You’ll make some money for sure, but don’t be thinking you can magic up those thousands with a flick of a switch. You do need to work, prove yourself etc. Or you could just wander around, bleating for more confirmation of others success before dippy-dapping your toes in.

The water is lukewarm, and the ride can be rough. Stop worrying. And don’t read those bloody posts, they make me angry with their pointless bragging and legions of ‘wow good post’ from people who’ll likely drop out in a couple of months after mooning on about how inspired they are.

Got that? Your life, your path, your work. Ain’t nothing more to it.

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Did you do all the necessary research, check the popular sellers’ gigs?
You have only one sample, you can’t really expect people to purchase your gigs right away when you don’t have good samples to show.

And yes, Fiverr is real.
The problems is, a lot of people think that Fiverr is this magical miracle land of
easy job and money will rain from sky.
It’s not like that, you need to put in the time and effort if you want “real” sucess.

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Your question sounds more like, "Is Fiverr Success For Real? Like you, I’ve read a lot of different articles and blogs about X person earning enough to quit their regular job via Fiverr. The truth is money can be made on Fiverr. However, how much a person can earn depends on a whole lot of different variables. For example, a seller new to Fiverr is not going to have sales, good reviews, or a whole bunch of buyers waiting for them. Also, a new seller is, usually, entering gigs similar to what a lot of other sellers offer. For example, SEO, design, art, and writing. A buyer will, usually, go with someone with great reviews and a lot of experience. In fact, Fiverr encourages buyers to do so. So, that makes it very hard for a new seller to get buyers here. What a lot of newbies end up doing is offering a whole lot more for less than the top sellers do. For example, a top seller might offer to write 600 words for a gig. In order to try to get some orders, a newbie might offer to write as much a a whole book for one five dollar gig. Personally, as a newbie, I’m not in favor of that marketing strategy. My work is worth way more than four dollars for an entire novel. I refuse to devalue myself to that point. Granted that probably costs me sales, but I would not be setting a good example for my children and grandchildren if I resorted to something that desperate. Personal integrity does have its place, after all.
That said, a newbies can and do get lucky and get sales. But, they are usually very few. For example, after being on here for a week or so, I’ve ended up with about $40 in orders. After Fiverr, Paypal fees, and taxes, I will earn around $26. Roughly, about $2.50 an hour for the 10 hours I’ve spent working. Before I retired, I made more than $30 an hour.
I was hoping for a lot more in week one. But, I joined with the expectation of earning an extra 200 or so for holiday gifts. Since it takes about 2 weeks for money to clear, I’ve got about 2 more weeks to try and earn enough to clear about $170 before Christmas.
Honestly, it’s not looking good, so far. But, I’ll wait it out for a couple of weeks.

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Guest emmalouva

I try not to look at the “How I made a bajillion dollars in 3 months” posts. Partially because I’m jealous, but mostly because I can’t focus on building my own business, if I am busy constantly comparing myself to others. I try and compare my business month-by-month. I set sales goals that are roughly 25%-50% more than I made the previous month. So far, I have blown that goal out of the water each time.

Focus on optimizing your gigs, so that they are looking their best and clearing convey exactly what the buyer will get for their $5. What helped me getting started (I have been here on Fiverr two separate times) each time was going out for buyer’s requests. You may have to work super cheap for the first few sales, but once you have those reviews, buyers who find your gigs organically will be more likely to purchase your services.

Best of luck!

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