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Your first sale?


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Hi guys!
As you may notice I’m totally new here and really curious on how to get started. I’ve hoped that some of you could share some of your experiences with me. (:

So let’s start up with a few questions:
How long did it take after you signed up to get your first sales?
Did you do any promotions? (In case where?)
Any feelings when your first request popped up? (This is just out of pure curiosity!)

Thanks a bunch if you choose to answer! 😃
Have a good day/evening.

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I can’t remember, but why are you asking pointless questions like this (“how did you feel when your first request came?”–this isn’t Love Story, it’s business!) when you could be focusing on optimizing your gigs, utilizing buyer requests and promoting on social media (note: this is a waste of time, as you would know if you had done some research).

Stop focusing on other people’s first sale stories and focus on making your sales happen.

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I’m not sure how this will help, but you said yourself that it’s pure curiosity, so here’s
my answers:

  1. Within several hours. ( I did spend a LONG time setting up my gigs though.)
  2. I never really promoted my gigs. If you want to know how others do it, you need to read the forums and get ideas from there.
  3. Well, happy of course. I think my reaction was something like “Wow, that was fast. OK, great, time to get started”
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I already wrote I’m a curious human-being, and I posted it under “Fiverr stories” because it really motivates me to hear stories from other people’s perspective.

So sorry if I offended you somehow?

As for now I’m only here to earn some extra money for something I like to do in my spare time, and I know it’s serious business, but everyone has their individual reasons to be here.

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My first request was from a friend who had already wanted a drawing from me and wanted to pay, so I knew about it advance. My first request out of the blue was a couple of weeks later and that turned into a repeat customer who helped draw other buyers.
The only promotions I did were the resulting drawings from the first gig on Facebook.
$4 isn’t a lot, but it’s more money than I ever believed I could make off of drawing, so it was very exciting for me.

I think, depending on your gigs, word of mouth can be really powerful, so be sure to treat your buyers respectfully and ask if they’ll refer their friends should they be interested in your gigs.

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