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I'm a new seller

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Fiverr isn’t any kind of instant money machine even if you may have read that somewhere. When you are brand new, it takes quite a bit of time and effort to get going for most people. If your account is less than a week old, you may not even show up in search yet.

For me, answering Buyer Requests that really matched things I could do was my best start. Some people find it useful to promote on social media although that wasn’t a great success for me, especially in the beginning. After building a following somewhat by just putting helpful things on social media, I did get some sales that way.

The other thing I always suggest to new sellers is to offer as much as you can manage in the first weeks. Even if you have to work a lot for very little money, it can help you get your first clients and reviews. Be very professional, respond quickly, work as hard as you can to communicate well and give the buyer lots of value. Later on you can make more money but the beginning is all about getting established.

Finally, be very cautious about how you address your buyers. In some cultures it is common to use words like dear, friend, brother, etc. In other cultures that is not professional. Don’t assume that your buyer is male either, which is a common mistake. I would suggest just calling a buyer by their username unless they sign their message with a name. If they do sign the message with a name, like Mrs. Jones or Bill or whatever, then it is usually fine to call them by whatever name they used.

I hope that helps!

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