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Requests, and "gig" responses


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I am working on a huge project, one that will take quite some time to complete. It is a commercial project for myself and my company. However, I am no artist. I created a request for someone to create 10 very detailed characters in anime/manga style, gave pretty good specifics and then spoke with people who sent me a gig.

80% just spammed me their unrelated gig.

10% Claimed they could do it, sent me OTHER people’s works and drawings saying they created it.

10% Didn’t read what I wrote in the gig, and/or were under qualified.

The 80% is annoying as hell. I understand there are a lot of people to compete with, but seriously…

The scam artists piss me off, why waste my time offering a service in which you are just using other people’s work? Definitely reported the scammers. (Report function is kinda weird, and doesn’t allow explanation of why you report them?)

The last 10% were people who I conversed with, they sent sample work, or had the wrong type of style or qualifications for the project… Those I didn’t mind…

Just my experience so far with the requests portion of Fiverr so far.

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I’m a seller who’s not in an area anywhere near what you’re looking for, so I’ve got no vested interest in selling you something.

In my honest opinion, the best way to find a match for the style you prefer is to start browsing through artists on the site. I’ll start by saying that with a “large” project, you’ll want a seller who you are also sure is worth their salt, so I would limit searches to Level 2 and Top Rated Sellers. These folks have been on Fiver a while and have figured out not only how to do their craft, but also how to better communicate with customers. They’ve earned their titles, and they will have samples of actual work in their live portfolios.

The “buyer requests” is an open format where any and all sellers can respond. I’m a voice guy and even I could respond. I just don’t because I’m not phishing, but a lot of sellers in there do seem to be phishing for gigs they really have no business being involved with. It actually works backwards from how 99% of Fiverr is designed to run.

Instead, usually the Buyer searches the site themselves while limiting their search criteria and then will contact sellers that interest them individually. It’s actually less work to do it this way because you have narrowed your potential sellers to those whose styles you like.

If you narrow it down this way, those sellers also have a better grasp of the scope of a project and can send you a better custom quote, because they know the questions to ask before they shoot you the quote.

So browse the marketplace, limit your searches to your criteria, and window-shop until a seller piques your interest.

I hope that helps some.
Best wishes with your project!
-Dave 🙂

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Also, make sure you find a seller that breaks your huge long project into lots of smaller ones and delivers along the way.

How much money do you have to put towards this? And if this is that big a project, why not just work with a regular Freelancer, why come to Fiverr where you have an anon seller that you have no idea who they are, and just maybe hey will sell you a comemrcial license, but if it’s that big a project and that big a budget and company, just e careful. Remember once you pay to Fiverr, if you need to cancel you only get Fiverr credits back, you do not get a full refund.

I also suggest that you read the Fiverr Terms of Use regarding “rights” as well as the new “commercial rights” that some sellers offer. There is a long page about it. Since you are doing this for your company you need to be sure of everything.

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Did you report them through the messaging system with the word “report”? Because if you did, that isn’t the way to “report” them. It just meant you were marking them as spam. You can bring up your concerns about stuff related to those sellers to --> Customer Support, that’s where you can tell them the reason behind reporting those sellers.

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