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Requests shouldn't be limited to 300 characters

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Fiverr was recommended to me by someone who uses it regularly. I am a newbie to Fiverr and have made one request which was denied. In reading the terms of service, I am guessing that it was because they did not approve the link I included (since I have not received an email from Fiverr, as of yet). I only included the link to give a more detailed description of what I was looking for. The link was to a Google docs document, in which, I explained in detail what I was looking to purchase. If I had more than 300 characters to explain, this wouldn’t be an issue. And apparently, I can’t edit my request and re-submit, which I think is erroneous to me. Why a link to a Google docs document is an unapproved link is beyond me. So now what do I do? I am afraid to post any further requests for fear I will get kicked off of Fiverr altogether (based upon your TOS).

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