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How i will get Orders?


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No seller is guaranteed sales just by having gigs here on Fiverr. Take the time to promote your gigs on your own. Take responsibility for your own success. Market your gigs, and bring traffic to your services from outside of Fiverr. Don’t expect Fiverr – or the rest of us – to do the work for you.

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My best advice to you is use your own original designs.
It says 100% original in the description but I have seen your sample images being used by other sellers, and I get the feeling that they are not yours. ( I apologize if I’m wrong though)

If you want to know how you can promote your gigs, read through the forum and you will get
tons of ideas and good advice.

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Reply to @gfx_exp:
If you have more than 10 years of experience I’m sure you have a good number of
past work samples to choose from. I have noticed you have removed the sample images you
you claim to have borrowed from a friend and replaced it with another sample image, did you
borrow those from a friend too? If you are going to expose yourself here at the forum,
you might want to be more careful with the sample images you use. Even if you really are borrowing
the logo from Rawalpindi until you can build up your own portfolio, relying on another person’s
image doesn’t seem professional. If you want success here at Fiverr, professionalism and honesty
is the key. That’s how you can get orders here. 🙂

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