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  1. For New Sellers who are having a hard time with English, do NOT spam the OP. Instead, go here: http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/85025/free-help-with-your-gigs-gig-and-profile-editing-in-english-for-new-sellers-read-entire-post#Item_11 Follow the instructions, and I will help you with that part for free. Following the rest of the advice given is on you.
  2. Reply to @fonthaunt: That’s what I needed to know, thank you. 🙂
  3. @fonthaunt: New question: Can I link to my “Gig help” thread on the open “Tips” threads to redirect people who are about to ask for it, or is that spamming?
  4. Reply to @folarinpearse: Not necessarily. If you have buyers who purchase dozens of separate gigs, they may not rate every single one because they have given you several positive reviews already. One of my buyers has purchased 19 gigs and rated every one, another has purchased 14 and rated 12, while still expressing his satisfaction with the work in private. It all depends on the buyer.
  5. Reply to @fonthaunt: Done, thank you. Another question: Can I include an external link to something not related to any sort of paid service, such as a free site to evaluate English skills and another to learn English for free?
  6. I think part of it could be a language barrier issue. “Buyer Requests” could be taken as “Requests for Buyers.” Perhaps changing the name of the section to something less ambiguous will help non-native English speakers better understand.
  7. Reply to @abidagfx: I will occasionally send an editing gig offer in response to a Seller in the Buyer Request area, for two reasons: A.) These ads generally have terrible grammar and spelling. B.) That way they understand what that platform is for.
  8. Reply to @fonthaunt: Yes, thank you. I generally post during the off hours of the forum, so I had wanted to give my thread a second chance to catch on and bumped it. The bump was removed so I came here to seek answers. 🙂
  9. Is it spam to bump a “tips” post that you created that doesn’t include any self-promotion, but has actual tips?
  10. Reply to @sincere18: No, but a seller may be able to offer a partial range of their services for a discounted price. So say the gig was $100 and the buyer only has $80 to spend. A seller could then make suggestions for a custom offer, based on the budget and what they feel they can provide for 80% of the price.
  11. Reply to @anurag_khetan: I think we have the exact same equipment…
  12. No, it doesn’t affect your rating at all. It may have an impact on your future sales, for better or worse, but your reviews are permanent unless you delete the gig and recreate it.
  13. It’s also worth noting that people should refrain from using sexist or objectifying language in their professional messages. I would think this would go without saying, but I had a buyer who constantly referred to me as “beautiful lady” in lieu of my name. I understand there are cultural differences, and I understand that he thought he was being polite. It’s still offensive, to me at least, to ignore the fact that I am a person, an individual with a name, and refer to me as “lady” or reference my appearance in a professional setting. /rant
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