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Sales stopped?


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Hi Omriart,
That is great that you got a couple of orders. However, as a new seller, you have to understand that orders would not be consistent.
What I actually did when I was a level one to help increase sales:

  1. Look at what the competition is offering- can you do better?
  2. Change about me section- to be more catchy
  3. Offer more than the competition- When you are starting off, you have to offer more, or in a shorter time span than the competition for people to take notice. You can change this once you have established a reputation.
  4. change your gig pictures to see which one has the most views.
  5. Look at your analytics, ask yourself why people are not clicking on your gig (see #4)
  6. Look at how many clicks you get- see what % is actually converting. you should do some research how to improve your conversions as well.

After getting over 1k positive feedback on my own gigs, I could tell you the secret is always changing up your profile, gigs and descriptions, and see which ones give you that winning combination. It does take time.

Hope that helps

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