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Please read this if you are about to post asking for personalized help with your gig


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I’m going to give it a shot to post a repeat of this information as a tip:

-If you want tips on how to improve your profile and gigs in general, read the Tips for Sellers forum. Read a lot.

-If you want personalized tips on your own gig or profile, don’t ask for that in Tips for Sellers. Many people ask others to check their gig and add a link to their gig or profile. Once you add the link, the post becomes an advertisement and needs to be moved or removed.

-Note that your username is already a hyperlink that shows your profile and gigs, so links are not needed.

-You may ask for personalized help in Fiverr Stories or Conversations if you do not add a link.

-You may advertise or ask for personalized help in My Fiverr Gigs with or without a link to your gigs/profile.

-If you don’t follow this advice, your post with a link is likely to be edited for you by a moderator, moved for you, or deleted. If you repeatedly post gig ads in the wrong categories, you could even be banned from posting on the forum.

Good luck!

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