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Does anyone here know Wordpress and cPanel pretty well?


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Right now I’m having a minor but annoying with a premium theme called the SiteMile Project Bidding theme and I can slip somebody a Fiverr if they can solve it. What’s going on is that when I click on a job category, it acts like it’s going to load that category but then it just goes back to the main category page. SiteMile claims that it’s a problem in cPanel, possibly with the htaccess file though it could also be that the settings folder is missing out of the wp-admin folder for some weird reason (I haven’t actually done anything in the file manager except replace a single image). If you want to see what I’m talking about, my site is here: http://hirecrypto.com/ I’m thinking about having this customized for cryptocurrencies, but if I can get this one small thing solved first, that would be helpful from a customer experience perspective.


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