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Another FAKE Service that BUYERS should know about


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We’ve tested many of the services we have discussed in the forum posts and they are all the same, fake!

But, there is one service many think has to be real and that is writing! Hmm. Does a human have to write your article or blog or whatever these days? No! There’s a lot of accurate software out there that will help to do the job.

Imagine a translation service or proof reading service offering 5,000 word proof reading within hours. Do you believe a human will read this information and correct it? I don’t think so because the software can do this in a fraction of the time.

How is this possible? Well, considering all the digital software out there and that the accuracy has become better and better over the years, I’m not surprised that a lot of people are offering the service mainly because it’s in demand.

Now, there are real people using their brain to produce real writing and it’s a matter of finding those good people. It’s a challenge.

It’s the same with script writing for a video. Many use a software or a template to write the script. It’s a fatal and unprofessional flaw. Any video we produce, the script is written by us unless the buyer provides the script. We use our heads, analyze and produce a quality script that gets the message across and no doubt helps with conversions. This is how it was before the internet and we still do the same rather than depend on a template which in our belief is the wrong direction to go and a ripoff to the buyer.

When finding a writer, buyers should really send a message to the seller first and find out who the seller is and ask for samples. This will provide a better idea of who to choose. If you select someone in a non English speaking country and their writing is perfect with few errors, you can assume they are using software to help with the project. It’s also a good idea to make it clear to the seller that the writing that you request must pass COPYSCAPE so you know that they are not infringing on someone’s material.

This Fiverr platform is filled with it’s own problems. Buyers need to be vigilant to find the seller that they feel comfortable with. This takes time and is no doubt a challenge.

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