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Doing programming on fiverr for about 4 months now


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I’m Ruslan, joined fiverr 4 months ago.

Sorry for my bad English. I learned it in the kitchen of the campus I lived in sevaral years back 🙂

So here is my little story.

I have a regular job and a pretty heavy workload that I have to do to provide my family with everything necessary.

I always wanted to try freelancing and communicate with people around the world, possibly share my experiece which I have plenty… but I have been earning good money and there was no good motivation to try something new.

After the crysis struck and my salary devaluated significantly I realized I have to do something about it.

I searched and found few options, fiverr was one of them.

I guess, as many others, first time I didn’t care much about the price… I didn’t take fiverr seriously, doing gigs once in a while for 5-10 dollars 🙂 I had no idea why I was doing it, since it was basically worthless to me, some of those orders were pretty difficult though.

But one day I received an order from a guy on fiverr, he asked me to create android app for him in 3 days…

It was challenging, but he provided pretty simple description and asked only for standard design, so I decided to do it.

It was my first 150$ order, relatively expensive… I spend my entire weekend on it and delivered 1 day earlier.

He paid me that money without any problem. That day I realized that I can actually earn on fiverr.

Today my “savings” on fiverr exceeded 1000$ and the number of orders achieved more then 50. I was quite happy with the result even though I know there are people that make much better results than me. Now I make around 400$ per month working in the evenings and on weekends (when I’m free from my regular work). I don’t accept all requests I receive, but I always respond asap. I hope I will make better in the future, but I’m happy since fiverr helps me already.

Sometimes I meet great people on fiverr, who value time and even tip with great generosity.

Some people were not that fair and tried to put more and more stuff on my shoulders.

But I never allow myself to be rude and close active gigs. I try to do my best and provide the best support possible to satisfy my clients.

I think that the way to success here is to provide cheap service that preferably could be done instantly.

Definately programming is not the best choice for that… since it always takes time and of course it’s not that common.

What service do you think experienced programmer can provide that could be popular here?

I thought about customizable apps or something like that, something entertaining…

Of course nobody would share their ideas… great idea is the money, but anyways 🙂 I’m open for suggestions.

Thank you for your time and best luck to all fiverr community!

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