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How to promote my Fiverr Gig


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Guest tn5rr2012

Welcome to Fiverr and we are glad you are here. There are many threads on the forums that can give you great ideas on how to promote and market your gig(s). I am sure others will offer advise up also. Good luck

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All you need is traffic. This will boost your gig traffic a lot! Take a look at my gig. I offer it free. All I ask for is could u please do a sample of your gig for me to review? This is mutual benefit.


You can read my reviews here: http://adf.ly/LNrvI

There is one seller gets 4 offers after having reviewed on my site. Quote from his post on http://adf.ly/LTFZZ

anzal1: "Let me tell you Tu Michael is doing a terrific job and already 4 offers have come up to me with his promotional article based on my gig. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? 4 offers? all offering more than a single Fiverr… This is going so great for me. I would like to thank Michael for writing such an interesting article of the highest calliber about my gig. It really is working!

Also i would urge all the artists here to contact Michael and get your gig promoted."

Tu Michael

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