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Securing a sale faster


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In my few short months as a seller, ive come to notice that potential buyers will ask an excessive array of questions before buying… and IF they buy at all.

What has your strategies been in securing a sale rather than the back and forth questions and answers?

Thanx 🙂

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hi there,

it really depends on what you really sell here on fiverr.com

However, put yourself in a position from buyer perspective. We all buy things right? When we buy things, we ask a lot of questions naturally.

Well, that’s what’s happening here too. People come and sometimes if the GIG description is not that clear they will ask you bunch of questions. This way they get to more information about what you really do and what will they get for their money.

Just make sure that you describe your GIG as clear as possible and then answer short so that you don’t confuse your buyer.

The rest is some sells experience over time and VOILA you got your money for your work.

Hopefully this will help a little bit 🙂


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