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My 1st negative feedback. My weekend is destroyed by a scam buyer


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I read many stories here about scam buyers, who always tried to have logo without paying money for seller. But today, i now understand the feeling of sellers, who sit in the same situation.

I got a buyer, he asked me to design a logo for him. I did exactly as he want. Then he changed his mind and request modification. I did and delivered on time. 3 days no respond from buyer and order closed automatically by Fiverr. Today he left me a negative feedback and said he has no logo and i took his money. He is trying to get money back.

I am not sad about losing my money, my time to do this job because i know when i work online, one day, i will have to face some kind of people like this buyer. But i feel sad because he is a liar. How dare people can do like that. $5 is not a big amount of money to sell their honour cheap.

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Since you are saying you delivered and the buyer said he got nothing, you should contact CS.
If this is actually a scam, CS will remove the negative feedback for you.
Attach the valid evidence to show your side of the situation.

Sorry this happened to you

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