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Data Entry


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Hello Everyone

Can any one tell me how can i create my own Gigs about data entry on Fiverr And when my Gigs active and how much it takes time? Please help me. I am newby here and don’t know how can i make money?

Thank you


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You just create a gig, describe what kind of data entry you are doing, what is your rate and how quickly you can deliver it. If you have any samples of your work, you can put that up as well.

You have one gig up already. It is good but, ask yourself, if a buyer needed a translation from English to French, would he click on a gig titled “I will do any type of data entry work”? He wouldn’t. So you should consider making that a separate gig. Same goes for file conversion and web search.

Hope that helps.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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