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Getty Images - Backwards Thinking does not make much sense

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I just checked out the details about the Getty Image post on the fiverr blog and there is one thing that irritates me a lot. Sure, it might create some extra money for sellers, but whoever set this up thinks backwards. This gig extra could be something really useful, but for some reason fiverr decided to mess this up somehow 🙂 Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy fiverr, but sometimes even I wonder how such things happen.

Two Worlds

World 1: fiverr enables buyers to select an image that fits well into the gig they purchase. They open up the getty images selector, select an image and it’s attached to the order so the seller can use the image. Perfect world, the buyer will be happy with his selected image and nobody will complain.

World 2: Buyer adds the gig extra and describes what he’s after, explains it to the seller, the seller browses around, selects an image, the buyer doesn’t like it, the seller browses again and again and the buyer still doesn’t like it. So now, the buyer is already thinking negative and to the seller, this is taking way too much time. The seller gets 25% and worked like half an hour to find a matching image… notice something is wrong here?

The best way would be that buyers can select an image they are happy with. By making sellers select the image, fiverr just adds a lot of extra time that passes to select and discuss the image with the buyer and if the buyer doesn’t like it in the end, he might just rate the job negatively because of the image.

I understand many things, but this one… I don’t understand why fiverr prefers to make things harder than they could be. All that said, it might be worth reconsidering how this all works because the way it seems to work now is like a bad user interface, and the user interface is very important, as it’s the first impression a user gets.

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