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Fiverr 4.0

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Two years ago, in the summer, just arrived Fiverr 2.0 and some people were happy, and others not (usually there was promoted HQ and fast delivered gigs).

One year ago, in the summer, was launched Fiverr 3.0 (the worst version ever that is running against ranking up quality work, that is promoting many poor gigs, spammers and scammers, a few sellers get the almost all sales in any niche, and was introduced a new fee for buyers).

Now, in this summer, in July or August, it’s logically to expect the release of Fiverr 4.0.

The biggest problem is: will Fiverr 4.0 fix the Fiverr 3.0 problems (especially in search results), or we’ll get even a worst release that will force many other buyers and sellers (who’s looking for quality work) to leave the Fiverr market?

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