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Is there a difference between a super seller and a top rated seller?


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Top Rated Seller is Fiverr’s name for those of us that have reached that status. You for example are a Level Two, I’m a Top Rated Seller.

A Super Seller might be someone with a ton of sales, someone with 10 or more people in their queue. Of course, some might be using “Super Seller” to refer to Top Rated Sellers, I do not know.

In the end, it doesn’t matter what you are, as long as you’re making sales. Believe it or not, some Level Two’s are making more money than some TRS’s.

This guy has 35 in his queue right now. I have 19 in my most popular gig.


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Reply to @fastcopywriter: It seems like to me I’ve seen Fiverr refer to people with some titles that kind of came from nowhere, like maybe they were thinking of adding some middle levels. I know there was a strange thread once that asked people to nominate sellers to be something and it might have been Super Seller. The thread just went poof one day. I’m going to see if I dreamed all that if if I can find any of it. I’ve been curious about those myself. If I find something I’ll edit and add it.

Edit- Well, there is a trace in google search of there having been a forum thread on nominating people, but it looks like they moved it to a combination of Facebook and email. I know they occasionally announced new “Super Sellers” on the forum but they did attempt to vaguely explain it on the blog. Some are also TRS and some are not.

@wegotshoutouts - Here is how Fiverr describes what a Super Seller is:

“A mysterious group of diverse people with various agendas, united in common cause: To continue making Fiverr the best and only place for Gigs.

Praised by their buyers, lauded by their fellow sellers, they are the exceptional Fiverr sellers. They are the Super Sellers, heroes amongst solopreneurs and all round legendary Gig providers.”


Home - Official Fiverr Blog


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