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Never Assume


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Assumptions by buyers seems to be on the rise, at least for me.

Making assumptions can lead to trouble, misunderstandings, and frustration.

Read a gig description, if a gig does not specifically say the seller will do what you want, don’t assume they will, or even can. Contact the seller first and ask.

For me this has been happening a lot around the "language barrier."

As an example:

I do voiceovers, but I only speak English. However, I do work for other countries, in English, daily.

I understand that, sometimes, there are words that will need to be pronounced in your native language. Proper names are a very common example. However, don’t assume that I will know your language.

If my gig and profile says I speak English, don’t assume I can speak any other language, at all.

I will work with you, but you need to work with me and, basically, hand-hold me through the pronunciation.

We, as sellers want to work with you. We really do want to make your projects shine!

But please don’t put us in awkward situations where we are asked to do things that are way outside the scope of our capabilities.

If a gig doesn’t say we do it, we might not be able to do it.

Remember, assumptions=frustration.

Asking first=good communication=finding your perfect seller.

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I get a lot of buyers too assuming I can do stuff, yes, I love when they contact me first and ask if I can do a task first before they make a fast order.

reading the description is very good and highly recommended.

for example i get many people contacting me to see if I can make illustrations according to a story they wrote and I kindly tell them that I don’t do illustrations but draw portraits from images.

But if the buyer was to straight buy something from me without contacting me, or buys like 5 gigs and the gig was for 2 days in which is something I cannot do, it will get me frustrated if I should or shouldn’t make the order. will it come good or bad? because if I cancel this also effects my fiverr score.

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Amen. Buyers assume I will do things not included in my gig description so often. Many times they won’t purchase the gig extras but expect them anyway — leads to some very avoidable mutual cancellations. I like your motto “assumptions=frustration.”

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Just because a buyer contacts you before he orders doesn’t mean you’ll do better. Some buyers are nuts! Some are nice before they order, and turn into Frankensteins later on. Some waste a lot of time with chit chat before ordering. On the other hand, some of my best buyers order right away, and are a pleasure to work with.

A smart buyer reads the entire gig, including gig extras. He doesn’t ask stupid questions. He figures out what he wants before ordering, and then makes an order.

Honestly, I don’t know why some buyers are so dumb. When I buy logos, I don’t message the designers, I don’t ask them if they can do a logo or how do they do logos. I see what they do. When I need a t-shirt for teespring, I either search teespring or when I order from a regular t-shirt designer, I just write "this shirt is for teespring, please deliver a png file, etc."

If I needed voice overs, I would play the seller’s video, or see in the language section what language he or she speaks. Fiverr is super easy, I just wish buyers would think before they write.

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