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The unofficial fiverr meet up - uk


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So, those lucky enough (like me) to be at the London meet up last year (which was awesome by the way), would any of you, or those who didn’t attend, consider an unofficial meet up?

I’ve been speaking to a couple of excellent sellers here who are up for it. The benefits are that you get to talk to like minded sellers and you can ask any questions you may need answering…

… and there is always a beer and a happy night out.

Please post here if you are interested and we’ll get something organised!



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So, I’ve spoken to Micha who is well up for this and Kash Miah (marketing director) has already emailed me to get things moving - I’m thinking you (Ozzie) Daniel ‘MrProofReading’ and I will probably get this moving with Kash this year.

I’ve asked Daniel to CC me in on anything so maybe we could get a four way conversation going on (I’m dealing with clients outside of Fiverr until Thursday next week).

Sound like a plan Ozzie?

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