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  1. I got there..... Next stop $200k! 😆
  2. Anyone else having problems with viewing uploaded images? I’ve just delivered an order and can only see this: Screenshot 2020-02-19 at 08.33.231386×494 55.6 KBAlso when viewing Revision Request, the image isn’t loading so I can’t see what the changes requested apply to: Screenshot 2020-02-19 at 08.35.292866×1518 409 KBI’m guessing this must be a problem with the servers?
  3. No, you can’t open the project back up but without a reply from the seller yet, you may be jumping the gun to assume they won’t complete the work. I often get asked to amend a design as the buyer wasn’t around to ask for amendments within the 3 day approval zone, to which I will do all I can to accommodate - I think you’ll find the same goes for the vast majority of seller’s here - we’re here to keep clients happy at the end of the day - within reason! 😃 I would give them a couple fo days to reply - if they don’t, contact Fiverr Customer Support and explain the situation.
  4. His gig listings should see a bit of hit rate hike. 😅
  5. You will never win if you never begin, Good Luck!!
  6. It’s back to normal. Giraffe people turned and fled. They’ll be back. Oh yes, they’ll be back.
  7. Dude in the profile pic has got a really long neck… I knew this day would come - the Giraffe people are taking over… run for the hills!
  8. Thank you - I think I was making it more complicated that I needed to! Replies very much appreciated.
  9. Hi there, Has anybody got any tips for hardware to enable secure, fast (upload) and reliable internet use when traveling the globe? I’ve looked at Skyroam but it looks pretty expensive. Any other tips? Cheers, Jon
  10. From a totally non religious member, I wish you Eid Mubarak. Peace to all.
  11. A quick update - I’ve withdrawn $164.40 today: PAYPAL = £131.89 FIVER = £129.30 So confirmation that it’s best to withdraw in USD and have Paypal convert. Cheers, AK
  12. As it’s now possible to withdraw earnings in GBP rather than USD, I thought I’d do a little test to see whether Fiverr or Paypal had the better exchange rate. Withdrawal amount $138 Withdrawing as converted USD to GBP from Fiverr = £108 Withdrawing as USD and allowing PayPal to convert = £110 Not a lot in it but at time of writing, Paypal has a better exchange rate so best to withdraw as USD than have Fiverr convert it for you. I’ll try agin when I withdraw again in the next few days so it will be interesting to see if there are nay fluctuations or changes. Cheers, AK
  13. Have you got more than one account?
  14. Why have you posted the same reply on more than one occasion?
  15. I also strongly object to arm-twisting. It really hurts.
  16. … with the new drive from Micha et al of #indoerswetrust, I thought it was time (after almost three years of hiding behind an icon) to show my true self. And yes, that little guy on my shoulder is the true Artwork King. It started as a spot. My parents noticed it a few hours after they made the difficult decision to get rid of the afterbirth rather than me. They took me home, they loved me as any doting parent would, but they knew something wasn’t right. That mole had grown. It had a crown. It was a king of some sort. Me? I didn’t notice it at all - I only knew that I had to take two umbrellas to school and have two lunches at dinner time. I didn’t get two christmas presents and I certainly didn’t get two birthday gifts! But time went on. I went through the times normal people go through - the only difference is that I had a ‘king’ on my shoulder telling me what to do. I ignored him most of the time. He had a crown granted, but my arms, legs and other functioning appendages where controlled by me… Until Micha and Fiverr came along. Then I couldn’t shut my shoulder buddy up! He needed to express himself. What was I to do? I tried to hide him for the first two years on here by posting a generic icon as my profile picture but I would have sleepless nights thereafter. “It’s not all about you! - It’s about the King… The King of Artwork!.. ArtworkKIng…” So after two years of having this shoulder buddy, I have relented to give him my fingers for 10 minutes and he seems to have changed my profile picture and taken full credit for all my work this far. So don’t be scared. My profile picture has changed to show the true facts of the matter, but the same artwork and ability remains. 4500 gigs in and I’m loving it (sorry, we’re loving it)… He can bite my ear you see. I need to appease the little chap. I hope that’s made things a little clearer in terms of why my profile picture has changed. I LOVE MUSTARD! <---- he asked me to type that! Love to all!
  17. Just had this from my email provider (One.com): “The IP address where the email is being sent from is listed by Cyren as an IP that sends out spam. That’s why it was blocked. The IP in question is The sender needs to check and approach Cyren to delist the IP http://www.cyren.com/ip-reputation-check.html”
  18. Still nothing - not getting any verifications at all from Fiverr.
  19. Me too - CS giving out false information. I wasted loads of time on this last night, missing all the Black Friday deals I wanted to get. Had a lengthy conversation with my email provider as asked to do by Fiverr CS, and now I find out it is a problem with Fiverr - totally disgusted.
  20. Well said solow13! This could be very easily stamped out. It took me 3 seconds to search for ‘Amazon Reviews’ on here and near enough every single one brought up in that search are contravening Fiverr terms & conditions. It would be VERY easy to simply ban every single one. I’m guessing this isn’t a priority for Fiverr otherwise something would be done before these sellers get to level 2 status! The fact someone can freely offer these services does bring Fiverr’s Terms and Conditions into question - what is the point if Fiverr do not actively support there own T&Cs? What’s more is some of these sellers are hiding behind false usernames and pictures of pretty women - a million miles away from who they actually are. So if the limit of what Fiverr is willing to do is to simply object to these scammers (and they are scammers) via their T&Cs then I say ‘poor show Fiverr’. Actively enforce them!
  21. …and don’t worry! my Retro Poster gig is my main income so I’m only asking to help to along.
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