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  1. I got there..... Next stop $200k! 😆
  2. Anyone else having problems with viewing uploaded images? I’ve just delivered an order and can only see this: Screenshot 2020-02-19 at 08.33.231386×494 55.6 KBAlso when viewing Revision Request, the image isn’t loading so I can’t see what the changes requested apply to: Screenshot 2020-02-19 at 08.35.292866×1518 409 KBI’m guessing this must be a problem with the servers?
  3. No, you can’t open the project back up but without a reply from the seller yet, you may be jumping the gun to assume they won’t complete the work. I often get asked to amend a design as the buyer wasn’t around to ask for amendments within the 3 day approval zone, to which I will do all I can to accommodate - I think you’ll find the same goes for the vast majority of seller’s here - we’re here to keep clients happy at the end of the day - within reason! 😃 I would give them a couple fo days to reply - if they don’t, contact Fiverr Customer Support and explain the situation.
  4. His gig listings should see a bit of hit rate hike. 😅
  5. You will never win if you never begin, Good Luck!!
  6. It’s back to normal. Giraffe people turned and fled. They’ll be back. Oh yes, they’ll be back.
  7. Dude in the profile pic has got a really long neck… I knew this day would come - the Giraffe people are taking over… run for the hills!
  8. Thank you - I think I was making it more complicated that I needed to! Replies very much appreciated.
  9. Hi there, Has anybody got any tips for hardware to enable secure, fast (upload) and reliable internet use when traveling the globe? I’ve looked at Skyroam but it looks pretty expensive. Any other tips? Cheers, Jon
  10. From a totally non religious member, I wish you Eid Mubarak. Peace to all.
  11. A quick update - I’ve withdrawn $164.40 today: PAYPAL = £131.89 FIVER = £129.30 So confirmation that it’s best to withdraw in USD and have Paypal convert. Cheers, AK
  12. As it’s now possible to withdraw earnings in GBP rather than USD, I thought I’d do a little test to see whether Fiverr or Paypal had the better exchange rate. Withdrawal amount $138 Withdrawing as converted USD to GBP from Fiverr = £108 Withdrawing as USD and allowing PayPal to convert = £110 Not a lot in it but at time of writing, Paypal has a better exchange rate so best to withdraw as USD than have Fiverr convert it for you. I’ll try agin when I withdraw again in the next few days so it will be interesting to see if there are nay fluctuations or changes. Cheers, AK
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