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Hi i am new to fiverr and have some questions. On the side of the page wehre people make requests i have messaged them about the job they want done. i have also given the information they asked or the done what they asked. They never replied after i did what they asked. It makes me think they took what i gave them without paying them. How do i prevent this? do you ask for money first? i am unsure of a lot on this website and would like some help.

Thank you

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Hey @bestinthebiz, I also made this mistake when I first joined Fiverr 2 years ago. I answered a question and the buyer went with someone else, so you are actually in good company.

I think that Fiverr should make this clear to new sellers.

As @OldBittyGrandma said, don’t do any work until the seller actually orders a gig from you. It does not have to be the exact gig that you are offering, but having the buyer purchase a gig from you that matches their request is good for record keeping.

Also, remember one very important thing: You are not the only seller answering a buyer’s request. Buyers who post requests get bombarded with potential sellers and the buyer can go with anyone of them or find another gig that is already posted that meets their request, so make sure your answer to a request is as unique as possible and offer something for free to entice the buyer to order your gig.

Something else to remember: I have posted over 20 requests on Fiverr and get at least 10 to 30 sellers answering me for everyone, so I may not have time to answer everyone’s requests, so do not be upset if you get no answer, but again like @OldBittyGrandma said, make sure they buy at least one of your gigs before you do any work.


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