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I have noticed that many of your logo designers are using stolen logos to represent their abilities, not to mention the stolen logos in your logo design banner ads. What can be done about this? Who do I send a cease and desist to?

Jerron Ames

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If you’re talking about “Stolen in general” You probably should start out by just messaging the person asking them to take it off. Or ask them what’s going on.

Some people ask for gigs where they would say “Hey can you take chuck norris’ face and put it on a microsoft logo” There’s no way you can make a microsoft logo OR get your own picture of chuck norris’ face.

There are some kids on fiverr too. Like 13-17! They don’t know any better! Remember when you’re a kid, and someone draws a picture JUST like yours, it’s a compliment, not a lawsuit 🙂

Others may live in different countries without government restrictions.

If you’re talking about people “Stealing your PERSONAL stuff” then I’d start off by messaging them first, but if they don’t comply, THEN seek out alternative help.

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