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My own research and tips for new sellers


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some on contacted me that he want help and tips how to get sales.

i replied him

i want to share these tips with all of you…

i will must give you tips that can help you.

  1. write relevant title, at description use at least one word from your title on top of your description
  2. its more better if copy paste your title at starting of description.
  3. use keyword from title as tags.
  4. write description using numbering, bullets, bold, highlights etc,
  5. response buyer requests (mouse over your profile name at top right click on buyer requests.

  6. Top important - response for buyer requests only when very less people have submitted request already.

    visit buyer request page every hour to find that chance when very less people submitted the request.

    response at that time and you get 90% more chance to be contacted.

    (i saw fiverr dont approve request one by one. they approve when many requests in approval queue. so many fresh buyer request come in front on you- just find that time for your time zoon…for me its changing so thats why i check several times a day to find that chance. when fiverr recently approve requests.

  7. always use more than one image in your gallery and a PDF of your sample work if possible.
  8. Write detailed description and add extras.
  9. Communicate well with people who contact you and add Waiting for reply at the end and you name.

  10. Be active on forum and help others with your research about fiverr
  11. use eye catching images for your gig’s gallery

  12. Response Quickly for Messages you getting on fiverr

    Hope these tips will work for you specially 6th one.

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