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How much to charge for a Request Gig?


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Hi guys. Newby here. Need your help, please.

I saw great gig “create me 3D spinning logo” so I contacted the author.He explained what he needs and I DO can make it. However, should I still charge him $5? Or custom requests are charged differently?

And here comes next quesstion: when I do that gig for that clint, how will he pay me? I am new here so have no idea how all this stuff works.

Please, can someone help me out?


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If I was going to be reuqesting something I personally would be expecting to pay 5$. That’s the general jist of the site, so I would not expect to be more.

In terms of supplying the gig. I think you would message that person and agree the terms, then quickly create the gig, that person will then order and you can delete it when you’re done.

Not sure if there is another way of doing it.


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