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Buyers and short/blunt communication


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I wanted to touch base on the topic of communication within fiverr. As a seller, some of us, especially the TRS’s deal with an INCREDIBLE volume of emails and notifications. To the point where it is almost impossible to keep up with them all. Sometimes when answering or responding we can be very short and almost blunt. This should not be taken as rude or negatively. I have been dealing with client relationships for many, many years. The most important thing to us is customer satisfaction and communication. As a buyer you must appreciate that some times you may not get the “pretty and perfectly polite” answer. You may get a short blunt answer but this should not instantly be taken as any show of what is to be expected as far as service. I answer many communications from my mobile while on the run or out of studio. As a seller we have to keep up the “response” percentage as well to keep it in good standing. The main idea is to not jump to conclusions to quick. Make a few communications before making a conclusion as to if you have chosen the right seller. Any time you communicate in writing only there is also a lack of emotion or emphasis. It is tough to be personable when you are not meeting face to face. I ask that you share your thoughts and experiences if you have any.

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