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Advice for all graphic related buyers to get quality work


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Hi! all

here i am giving an advice to all buyers who want any graphic related work like logo, banner,flyer,business cards invitation cards or any thing

if you people wants to have a a good quality work just follow few tips under.

PRE SKETCH : send your seller your idea by making a rough sketch so he/she can understand clearly what you need

Details : provide your seller all those details about what kind of graphic job you need and for what you want to have it . suppose you want a logo for company do tell seller that what kind of a company is that for which you need a logo, your products etc.

Color description : tell the seller about your color choice so they work exact according to you needs.

Sample : do send sellers some samples which you like so they have a clear idea of your choice, if you are open to any ideas .

Quick Response : do respond to sellers queries quickly , it helps you to gain some good work and it also clarify sellers concept about your needs

Friendly Conversation : do not communicate in a harsh tone with seller, try to be friendly . A friendly tone really works for you . if a buyer tries to be nice with seller then he/she (seller) may deliver you something extra then his/her services , as friendly conversation means a lot to sellers.

Modification requests: Do not ask for modification rather give your seller an update that you want some better work as modification requests may hit ego of a seller & in that case seller will definitely rush for your work done soon as possible but tries to find best possible ways to get way from you and your work quickly no matter delivering you with a thing on which a seller can do much better on .

Feed Back : do give your seller a feed back about your liking or experience before giving any review. it will help you to gain confidence of the seller if you dislike may be he/she (seller) offers for modification or revision without your asking or any extra charges .

Rating : do give your seller a 5 start rating so he/she will be very happy with you and will always be available for you , he will do his/her best effort if in any case you want him/her for your future tasks.

If you follow these tips you buyers will surely get quality work from sellers .

before leaving please do check out my gigs .




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Sneaky – providing tips, and then directing people to your gigs. Next time, focus on helping people, and leave the advertising to the appropriate forum.

Also, you have many gigs all offering the same thing. Combine all of those logo gigs into one gig, and you might find it a lot easier to promote and maintain. In addition, Fiverr does not like multiple gigs from one seller, selling the same thing in each.

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