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Test your seller with a $5-$10 order, not $45


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There’s nothing more frustrating than having to cancel a big order because the buyer wasn’t aware of the style of the seller. Why would you order 20 brand names with domain availability, trademark search, one day delivery, and with a $5 tip (talk about irony) if you’re gonna cancel because: “truly expected something more creative and catchy” among other stuff you wrote. Really?

And who’s to say what’s creative and catchy? If I ask 10 strangers on the street what’s creative and catchy I’m going to get 10 different answers.

So please buyers, test before you buy. If you can afford a $45 gig, you can afford a $5 gig.

P.S. If you do purchase a tip gig after I deliver an order. Don’t give me 4.5 stars, why would you do that? That lowers my rating.

UPDATE: The buyer felt guilty and purchased a $15 gig as a tip, to compensate me for the time I lost. I appreciate that.

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That satisfaction guarantee can be a bitch sometimes, huh?

It’s difficult judging the big orders. I try not to accept any until I’ve worked with a customer at least once, but they’re tempting when you have a gap in your schedule.

I once had a guy order 25 articles off of me, which was cool but I just had to cancel. Couldn’t risk it on a Fiverr newbie.

Gonna share any of your slogans or do you plan to reuse them? Come on, this is all part of the healing process. 🙂

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Reply to @sara1984: No, they wear brand names with domains, like VivaLaNube.com (LongLiveTheCloud.com, in Spanish it’s shorter [i’m fully bilingual in English/Spanish).

Ironically, the buyer has agreed to purchase a $15 gig as a tip to compensate me for my time. So I’m feeling better now. One thing I learned is to be direct without using name calling and other crude behavior. Nowadays the worst I’ll say is “I hope you never find a brand name you like!” and even that makes me feel a little guilty.

I guess money can make one emotional. LOL

I cannot imagine writing 25 articles, and you’re right, it’s a huge risk, did he buy from you again? Maybe bought one or two to test you out?

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