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One gig away from level 1


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Finished 9 orders with 100% positive rating… Got a plenty of views to my gigs and click as well… But its not turning into the number i actually care about… "sales"

Not complaining, just saying… A cold start… If you can provide me a feed back on my gigs, and tell me how effective/ compelling it was, it will definitely help me polishing my gigs details a bit more 🙂

My Top selling gig is: https://www.fiverr.com/inkbridge/produce-a-stunning-animated-explainer-video

if you can be the 10th buyyer then that will be even greater… 😃

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Hello there! I’m not a super seller myself yet either, so take these suggestions however you’d like. 🙂

First, I’d recommend changing your gig title. “I will create you an animated explainer video for $5” has slight grammatical issues, while “I will create a professionally animated explainer video” or “I will create an animated sales video” might work better.

Then, I would use my gig extras more effectively. Instead of listing them out in the description (which in my opinion makes it wordy and too much work to read for most people) I would use the gig extra spot to do so.

You can put “SEE HIGHLY RECOMMENDED GIG EXTRAS BELOW”, directing buyers to read your now more detailed gig extras.

Congrats on your stellar reviews and nice samples. Best of luck to you! :)>-

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