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Posted a gig request - getting lots of replies, but 100% irrelevant


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I posted a gig request stating I’m English, learning Swedish, and would like someone to have Swedish conversations with over s***e. All of the offers I’ve had have been for translating text to Russian or other unrelated language.

I’ve checked the wording, and it’s perfectly clear. Do people just randomly offer services you don’t want?

I can’t see gig requests myself (there doesn’t seem to be any way??), so maybe Fiverr incorrectly forwards requests to inappropriate people. Is this how it works?



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Some sellers will respond to as many requests as they can, whether they can do it or not.

Also, the request system is flawed. Sellers often can’t choose to respond with the most appropriate gig (the one offering what you need), so they respond with the gig the system allows them to use as the answer, and hope that you will look at their profile and realize that they also offer what you’re looking for.

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