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Buyers Requests -- Your Best Friend when Sales are Slow


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Sellers, don’t wait around for things to happen. Success on Fiverr means constantly making little adjustments. Always look at your 7 day trends under My Gigs. This will let you know if your gigs are healthy, or they need a description change, a price adjustment, or a new category. Plus, even if you have good new sales, and regular customers, those customers can blow like the wind. People are picky! They will try another seller on Fiverr just for the fun of it. Poof! There goes your one customer who was ordering every day. Don’t wait and worry, go to Buyers Requests. Submit offers to the people who fit your gigs. It’s that easy. You may not get many, but the ones you do get will become steady, loyal customers. It’s all about building your business. Look, I was just like you. I went from getting one order per month, to 5 orders per day. This is my full-time job now. And I did it by going to Buyers Requests every day, and submitting all 10 offers. Do it now!

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Guest inkbridge

Thank for the tip 🙂

But the thing is “Buyer Requests” wont wont for newbies like me… 😃

I have submitted over 190 requests that is 10 per day, only for the requests that matches my services. But didn’t got even a single order from there. Got a few enquirers though…

But I wont say it “a waste of time”… at-least we can see what buyers are looking for and may be tweak our gig to their need and so… So definitely check that out folks…

thank you sir, for sharing the experience… 🙂


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