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My $140 in 4 Days .. Really awesome


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Hello I’m Hamza Zbakh From Morocco Tangier, well I’m a member on fiverr since January 2015 ,

My start was very bad with no order’s for the first week , in the beginning of the second week i got a new Order Ouuhh my god there’s a new order ! i make all my effort just to make the buyer happy ! but he want to get his money back 😕 about 25$ !! i lose my first order !! but after that i got 10 order one by one full of success and 100% Positive rating , and i earned about $140 … what i want to say is to never get sad or angry, trust yourself that you could do something special and you could earn money Just keep working … You could do it !

** PS : Sorry if there’s some Error’s on my English 😊

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Congratulation !!

What you said is right…

Don’t lose hope just do what you love to do.

Ask question politely to buyer if you are not clear with their description.

and when order is completed.

Request them to write best reviews for your work, because your reviews make our reputation strong and trustworthy.

Communication and attitude is important keys.


Dev Praks

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