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Win an iPad Mini Competition - It's time to subscribe!


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The Race is On!

On Your Mark…

You sent us your Fiverr Story Videos and knocked our socks off!

Get Set…

The video that brings in the most subscribers to the Fiverr YouTube page will win a shiny new iPad Mini.


Come on over to The Fiverr YouTube Channel, select your favorite story and click on the Subscribe button above the video.

The competition closes on Sunday, December 9th.

The winner will be announced soon after.

Let the voting begin!

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Guest tn5rr2012

I was really excited about this but I am terrible video creator so I am going to sit over here by the wall and watch everyone else s videos

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wow fiver administrator here hi great to see you here…🙂 let me thanks you for starting such a wonderful marketplace, I too would like to share my story though a long one, from job less to fully professional seo and how fiverr plays vital important role…

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Guest sheikhsabayyal

Neither I’ve that much confidence to make a video of myself nor my English is good enough. 😦 But I’ll try to submit my entry today. And I’m sure I’d not win 😦

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