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I didnt get views on gigs


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Yeah same here. I guess there must be a mess with the algorithm/ sorting.

Once it resets I would imagine it would go back to normal. And now that the day has rolled over we’re on day 3 of this nonsense. Though I do think the gigs must be displaying - though the lack of any analytics is randomly populating them leading to sporadic orders Im guessing. I say they must be displaying because I had 3 people message me yesterday with questions.

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I had 2 sales since christmas despite a personal record in time and money spent on promotion!

Guessing some of the recent changes on fiverr are the reason behind it, also noticed that gigs have rotated in categories. Allot of the gigs that used to be on top in categories or searches are completely gone.

Same thing happened a couple of times last year but for me this is the first time when things have been this slow for more than 2 weeks!

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Information like this should be posted on the main site to prevent confusion like this. Seems everyone is having this problem but some people think it has something to do with algorithms etc.

It is quite obvious that people are still viewing and buying gigs. It’s just the analytics display that is nerfed at the moment.

Seriously, we get emails about ‘Fiverr News’ why not a little email saying 'Yes we know analytics are not displaying correctly. It’s not your problem, people can still view your gigs. We will resolve this ASAP.'

Boom. Done. Prevent dozens of threads about the same thing popping up. And better yet, prevent false assumptions about the root of the problem from spreading.


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i m facing same problem , i have try on support and here is Reply

(Fiverr Customer Support)

Jan 16, 21:19

Hello there,

Thank you for contacting us. After reviewing your account, it appears to be in good standing and your Gigs appear with the search on Fiverr’s Marketplace. Please visit the following link to help strengthen your Gigs performance, please consider the advice given on our Community Forums:



Eddie - Fiverr Customer Support

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