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Increase In Orders


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Be happy that you are getting orders. My ratings are good and i am not getting orders. From when i turned on vacation mode order rate slowed down. I am good at designing websites and fix their bugs as well. And I write and post reviews also on any websites.


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Guest yaseerch

No problem Man just active on the fiverr and reply the clients on a time and be focus on one thing i saw your Gigs you are doing many things so by this the client will confused and thought that what is actually you are doing.

Best of luck


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Thats great Tayabrehman.

I got gigs as soon as I signed up and didn’t know I received orders (due to email address issues) and ended up letting my customers down and lumbered with a poor rating/feedback.

How do I regain my status?

I’m new to Fiverr selling and do not know how to post status updates (if such a feature exists).

I’m fun and creative and would really like to help people

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"I will edit 30 pictures for $5"

Why 30? Why not 5 or 1? Buyers might be suspicious of people who offer too much for too little. They might think you’ll be rushing and not doing a great job. Also, most people don’t have 30 pictures they need edited.


(I will purchase your Gig too 🙂 )

Why? You’re here to make money, not to give the store away.

"I will do deep research on any topic 24 hrs for $5"

Not bad, but the problem is that buyers might not be searching “research topic” but “real estate research” or “marketing research”, etc. One tip for gig creation is to do searches and see what comes out.

“I will comment on any fb post 100 times for $5”

  1. You can write Facebook instead of FB, better yet, capitalize FACEBOOK so people see it. Look at this gig and you’ll see she’s not afraid to say Facebook.


  2. 100 times is too much. Do 10 for $5, 5 for $5, focus on quality, not quantity, and then your buyers will pay for quantity when they need it. That’s how someday you’ll end up getting $65 orders.

    Hope my advice helps you.

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Firstly, I would say that you’re very lucky on getting orders within 3 months. I came on fiverr almost a year back. I didn’t get any single order till first 6 and a half months. Then one fine day I got 1 order in my ‘HTML CSS error fixing’ gig. Next day came in 3 more orders. And from that day the things got better. I’m level 2 seller right now.

Now, there’s no specific reason why anyone don’t get orders for first few months but I have found kind of some solution. There are 2 ways to get orders.

  1. Either your gig should come in top searches of gigs so that buyers can see you.
  2. Once you’ve good working relation with a buyer, you’ll get more or less regular orders from them.

    So the only difficult thing is to get the first 2-3 orders and most important is to get a review for your work. 🙂
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