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Is this a repeat buyer? - URL Structure


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Say, you see Untagged has ordered your gig [-( , and you are not sure whether untagged is a repeat customer. Here is an easy way to show how many gigs, if any, untagged has ordered from you in the past:


Put the address above into the browser, while logged in, and you will see the past gigs, if any. Oh, replace ‘untagged’ with the Fiverr name of the buyer you are interested to know about; & replace [yourUserName] with your user name.




Here it will show me (untagged) whether the buyer or potential buyer ( oldbittygrandma ) has bought any of my gig.

EDIT: You can reach to the same result via a workaround: http://fiverr.com/conversations/[buyer’s_user_name], where [buyer’s_user_name] is the name of the buyer you are interested to know about. Using our example, http://fiverr.com/conversations/oldbittygrandma . Then you will see a link showing number of previous sales, if any. H/T to @rodesigners, @goodworker123, and @thefacebookgeek. Click that link, if any.

That’s a tip for today.



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oh thank you for this.

i usually do a: http://fiverr.com/conversations/[buyer’suserName]

where [buyer’suserName] is the username of the customer you’re interested to know about.

It will show you conversations between the both of you and at the top of the page, you will see how many sales the customer has generated from you:

Conversation started on XXXXXXXX • 5 Sales

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Guest tn5rr2012

My counts are so off right now I am not sure what is going on with the fiverr system, that I log onto fiverr and check all the rooms to make sure no one has been left behind of forgotten

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