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And i survived in bad economy, true story


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In last June 2014 i was 26, married, jobless and broke, Awesome!

Submitted my resume at more than two thousand places in June and guess what still i have not heard back from any single of them. May be my master degree is not enough for them to give me a job where i may get paid $100/Month.

Back in June 2014 I was utterly disappointed and was about to give up when i found Fiverr, So i said what the h*ll give fiverr a try. Very next day i got an order and i was so excited, i delivered the work and got thumbs up from my buyer, believe me that day i was over the moon. I will never forget that buyer, mostly i will never forget the sweet satisfaction which i got from those 4 dollars.

I am not saying i am very successful on fiverr but the experience i got from fiverr gave me the confidence to be a freelance and provide my services to the world.

With the experience and confidence which i got from fiverr, now i got full time on line job and earning in six figures

(in pkr) which is a great blessing for me. I am enjoying my work most importantly now i am enjoying my life at most.

Fiverr has made my life supper Awesome!

Thank you


Fahad Ahmad

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