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  1. Reply to @emasonwrites: Completely agree with you and kay on this one - I’m not sure how it benefits anyone and I’m not convinced that the timestamps are necessarily accurate as to when someone has actually ‘read’ the message. I know I sometimes click on things but don’t read them there and then. As well as the privacy argument, sometimes you want time to think carefully about how to respond to a message which means you don’t reply instantly. I manage a couple of successful international collaborations where, due to timezone differences, we can often only email once a day at best but this just means you have to put more thought and time into communication, which I don’t think would hurt many people on Fiverr at all.
  2. Definitely agree with this, just needs to be a confirmation message so people, particualrly on touchscreen devices, don’t accidentally click on something they don’t want.
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