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How to get buyers to show sample of work on gig page


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I have been selling on fiverr for a few months now – my gig is an illustrations gig – and since I started selling, only 4 of my buyers have allowed a sample of my work to be shown on my gig page. Sadly these are the first ones that I did, so now I do feel that my work is getting better and I want to be able to show these but the buyers do not seem to want to show it.

How can I get more buyers to show the samples on my page? And is there a way for my as the seller to leave it on my own page as I need this as advertising to attract more people to my gig.

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Guest ksaebay


I agree every one of us ( Sellers ) Nee to show his work on public. But in the other side must of buyers like to do them jobs in privacy. So in my opening you should follow your buyers wishes and keep them privacy.

Thank you.

Khalil S Rizk

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