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Is there a Cancellation trend going on?


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Hi there.

We’ve been wondering if there is a cancellation trend going on to you guys as well? Have someone experienced a lot of cancelled orders?

The thing is we absolutely never had a buyer cancel an order before.

What happens these last 3 days is that people order a gig and after 5 minutes that request a cancellation with same excuse (my logo is not prepared, I didn’t prepare my files etc) and this is like 5 in a row from non-rated buyers.

Another one of them (6th) did re-order with extras, but he also stated that in the cancellation request, the 5 above were a non show.

So, we are just looking if someone else is part of this scheme and someone who can answer how cancellation influence your profile and rankings on Fiverr.


Kreativa team.

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I’ve certainly noticed this. I even had one client that received the work she asked for, then immediately, without asking for modification, says “I don’t like this, lets cancel”. I think i’m at the end of my cancellation trend, but I hope it doesn’t come back!


Write Accord

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