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Hi everyone,

I recently had a buyer that had a large order for product descriptions (something around $90 worth). Their order was split into two transactions. The first half was easy and I sent off quickly, but the second half was not so easy. In order to complete the work; I require an amount of information that the buyer simply did not provide, and it was on trivial and specific things that no other website had (I had to search it up). I contacted the buyer and told them I’m unable to do this part of the gig as there is no information and therefore my work would not be up to a standard I would present to anyone, especially not a paying customer. I also said that If they didn’t contact me soon the order would be late but I would prefer that than sending bad work. The buyer didn’t respond for something like 5 days, then cancels the order as it was extremely late. I understand I cannot get the money from this (as I didn’t complete the work), although my rating dropped from the 90s to 88%. Do you think contacting customer support, to try to regain my few percent, is worth it or just simply leave it?

Thanks for your help!

Write Accord

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I don’t get it, all your gigs are writing gigs yet this is your profile description:

"At Write Accord we strive to deliver the best of graphic design to our customers at the lowest price. All designs are original and made specifically to suit your business’s style and feel. Our writing is technically correct and is sure to sell any product or business."

Really? I’m a writer as well, I don’t do graphic design, few writers do.

Let’s look at your gig extras:

For $5 we will deliver in just 2 days!

For $5 we will provide possible domain names

For $20 we will come up with slogans for each name

OK, let’s say I’m a business owner, who I’m going to hire? The guy who doesn’t say how long it takes him to do the job without gig extras? Or the guy who takes 2-days if you pay him $5? I’m charging $10 for 1-day delivery, and my basic gig promises 3-day delivery.

You’re charging $20 for slogans? I charge $5 for 5. The domain search for $5 makes sense, that I won’t disagree with.

My point is this, if you want to get more orders, you need to study your competition. Anyone can charge whatever they want, but that doesn’t mean they’re gonna get orders. I used to charge $20 for a domain search but only few were paying for it, so I was actually losing money.

As for your $90 order, I always tell new clients to hire me for something small first, see if they like my writing, and then they can give me a bigger order. This works for me, it helps me get repeat customers and avoid negative reviews.

Good luck in your Fiverr journey.

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Reply to @fastcopywriter:

Hi Fastcopywriter,

Thanks for your tips! The way I have priced my gigs is actually due to the extremely high volume of work I received recently, and therefore I had to slow down the sales (and they’re still coming in!), this method of slowing orders has worked so far without destroying my sales.

Regarding the $90 order, this customer didn’t contact me in advance, and the order was for just text (ie. 17 descriptions) so no extras.

And on the graphic design note, I’m originally a designer and I was doing design work on fiverr, although its just not efficient for me to continue the design work at the moment at such a low rate (I still have a job doing graphic design outside of fiverr and I charge a much greater rate for the same thing I was charging $5 for here), so I will change that very soon.

And for an update customer service agreed with me and regained my previous rating.

Thanks for all the suggestions!

Write Accord

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Reply to @writeaccord: Well, that explains a lot. I used to write articles but I gave it up because it was taking me 30-60 minutes and at $5, it wasn’t worth my time. So I can understand why graphic design doesn’t work for everyone.

Next time tell your buyer, “hire me for 5 descriptions and if you like my work, hire me again for the other 12.” I know it may seem weird to reject more money, but you’ve seen what can happen. All that work you did is gone. Time is the one thing we can never get back.

So my final advice to you would be to rewrite the following this way:

"At Write Accord we strive to deliver the best of work to our customers at the lowest price. Everything is 100% original and made specifically to suit your needs. Our writing is technically correct, creative, and driven to give you greater sales."

Or something like that.

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