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Article marketing: success through writing


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Most of us have access to computers and instant Internet connection nowadays.Therefore, many marketers are taking to Article Marketing as one of the most effective ways to advertise their business on the Internet. If done effectively it can drive a large chunk of potential consumers to the product website within a particular period of time. Wondering how to go about it?


Article marketing is mostly done to attract more viewers to your website. Therefore, the purpose of this form of online marketing is not too different from the others. However, other than making viewers click on the link to your website provided at the end of these articles there is nothing more that article marketing can do in terms of increasing your revenue. Your website needs to be convincing enough for turning potential buyers into actual consumers of your product. Therefore, the content of your website needs to be persuasive. Not only do you need to pay attention to the advertisement of your product but you should also offer options of registering with your website to receive regular updates on your business through emails to potential customers.


If you are looking to indulge into article marketing on the Internet then you should know that it is an effective way to generate publicity of your product and your business. Online article marketing involves search engine optimization and copywriting of content. Therefore, before starting out you should know all that there is to know about article marketing on the Internet.


The first thing that you should be clear about is what you want to gain from article writing. Are you interested in promoting others‟ businesses and products and their websites or do you want to do the same for yourself; because the two agendas need to be approached in very different ways. If you are writing articles for another website to advertise their product then you don’t need to use your real name to promote the issue.

But if you are marketing your own product or business then using your own name instead of a pseudonym can be of valuable consequence to the advertisement. however, you need to keep in mind that whatever you do it is virtually impossible to make any changes to articles that have already been posted once, since there will be numerous copies of it posted on various other websites.


In order to retain your credibility it is always advisable to stick to your area of specialization when choosing subjects to write articles on. If you indulge in a variety of subjects you fail to make a niche for yourself. Therefore, there will be a lack of optimization of your website through search engines if you don’t stick to relevant subjects.


You don’t need to be an expert in the language, grammatically or literarily, in order to be successful in article marketing. Although posting your articles on many article directories on various sites does provide you with a higher chance of circulation which in the long run benefits you, you should be a little selective before posting them anywhere you get a chance to do so. Websites that have high rankings and good search engine optimizations should be your priority. Also, try not to post the same article that you have used for marketing your website. This might result in penalty of your website by search engines.


Keep in mind the length of the article that you will be writing. Don’t push yourself to write a long one if it is not necessary. Shorter articles with relevant information can go a long way too. Also keep in mind your potential to write on a specific subject. You may be able to write a large number of articles on entertainment, but have a limited creativity for articles on fine art. Therefore, don’t push yourself to write on something you are not comfortable with. Most of the time they will turn out poorly and won’t be published by anyone.


Also remember that your article will be read by a human being. Therefore, in your quest to include the perfect keywords into your article for maximum search engine optimization don’t end up making your article a shoddy one.

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Guest seoboy2013

Awesome and it’s cool ! ❤️ But here’s comes the problem cause most of article marketer’s spin the same article and submit it to 1000+ article directories! I think it’s not so good for buyers! Nice article and keep it up 😉 :)>-

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"You don’t need to be an expert in the language, grammatically or literarily, in order to be successful in article marketing"

A lot of article directories now expect you to be able to write grammatically well without any spelling errors. When I’m reading something online, if the grammar, spelling and punctuation is bad, I’m more likely to click away from it. Maybe that is because I’m a writer but I do know a lot of other people who are like that. This then increases your bounce rate and lowers your ranking in Google.

Fresh and unique content that is well written and full of information (not fluff) is important for search engines and article directories now. Too many people have tried to game the system in the past, hence why Google released the Penguin and Panda algorithms.

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