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New ideas for fiverr


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Hello. I am Daniel Rika and I am a fiverr user from a month, and I have some suggestions :

1- A section for selling software, books, etc.

2- A auto-delivery option for selling stuff.

3- A option to make friends on fiverr and chat with them.

4- Better support for new users, because they offer cheaper and better services.

5- A load more button on homepage to browse more gigs.

6- Levels for buyers, same as sellers.

7- Notification box for fiverr forum

Please tell me what you think ! 🙂

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With #3 i would like to add possibly a buyer being to open a “Live chat” with seller if the seller is online, however with that the seller would need the ability to see the first message before the chat actually “Activates” to be able to spot obvious spammers and such.

With #2 I do not agree with this. To me fiverr is more of a place of services not really products. An auto fill order would make it seem not as personable.

I also really like #6.

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