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GIG Denied


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Got a message from fiverr saying this " We are sorry, but your Gig: ‘provide 1000 Real Safe Permanent Facebook Fans Or Likes’ did not pass our content editors’ review.

This Gig was removed following a third party complaint claiming your Gig is infringing upon their intellectual property rights and/or violating their terms of use and/or misleading consumers and has been removed as per our Terms of Service.

As a member of the Fiverr community, we ask you to respect the broader Internet community and refrain from such violations in your Gig offerings.

For more information please read our Terms of Service"

I wonder what kind of content editor work on fiverr !! I’m saying this because there are hundreds of seller providing the same service and few of them are in HIGH RATING list. Giving few examples :-

These GIGs are in HIGH RATING LIST !!




I wonder how come these are still there and mine was denied !!

How do I contact with higher authority, not customer support. ??

If my GIG is against ToS than why Fiverr email marketing the same service ?? (screen shot attached)



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Reply to @facebook_demon: There doesn’t have to be a bad review. Fiverr could have received a complaint by Facebook about this sort of activity (that’s when they usually remove the offending gig).

As for the Fan Page category, it’s not against rules of either Fiverr or Facebook to create fan pages, customize them, analyze them, promote other people’s work on your own fan page… There are many perfectly legitimate gigs in that category. It’s buying and selling of fans or likes that’s against the rules.

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@whitehastseo10 - Why would you report the gigs? LOL. Being a snitch is never good for business. Ha ha.

Anyhow. The system is flawed yes. What can you do if your gig is removed? Nothing.

@catwriter - Good argument against the “Fan Page” category. Sure. There could be a gig to “set up a fan page”, “edit it”, etc… Like you say. Except for one detail.

The “Fan Page” category is within the “Online Marketing” category. So, technically… if you find a ‘Likes’ gig within the Fan Page category it is actually found here: " Online Marketing / Fan Pages / Gig "

So a “Create a Facebook Fan page” gig, is within a Fiverr category under “Online Marketing / Fan Pages” See what I mean?

There is no defense against having your gig removed.

I had my first one removed after 2 years, over 7000 positive reviews and no negative reviews. Lost all 7000 thumbs ups.

How can you protect yourself?

A few simple things but there’s no full protection. I have a few ways that I keep to myself but… here’s a start.

@facebook_demon - Don’t offer to provide or give likes. NEVER do that.

It IS against the rules to provide Facebook likes. But it’s not against the rules to Promote a Facebook page… until they get a certain amount of likes.

Another good tip is to actually use real Likers, not Bots. NEVER use Bots unless you say you are using Bots. (Then eventually they’ll remove the gig anyway). Point is to do a good job. If I ordered your SEO gigs and upon inspection found them to be Botted… That could be trouble. Do what you do well to minimize any risks.

That may help a little.

Now… I have to ask myself why I would write any advice to a competing seller. Why should I care if their gig is removed… more for me right?

The answer is simple. Karma.

What goes around comes around. @whitehatseo - That’s my point about you reporting gigs. If it doesn’t concern you, or the seller hasn’t done anything to you… why would you cause problems for them? It all comes back around. Good Karma… good sales. Bad Karma… well… it has a way of coming to kick you.

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Guest ciprianrotaru

My Facebook likes gig has denied also i lose all my feedback…also i lose my Level 1 Now lol!! I have over 10 orders and excelent feedback! What happening with fiverr???

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Fiverr Team Remove my gig almost 4th time and every time they tell me your gig image is copyright and i am 100% sure that my gig photo is my own artwork but fiverr when ever i get more than 10 order in 1 - 2 days the fiverr team attack own my gig and denied it and say me ohhh you make a new gig. We cannot restore it. hahhahhahahha WTF is this . I am stop selling on fiverr now.

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