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Buyers, don't give us TMI (Too Much Information)


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I have noticed that some buyers tend to over-complicate things, they give you 5 links when only one link is relevant, they share articles about how to do your job, they ask you to watch a 14-minute video. You’re not helping your cause or ours, it’s better to be specific and write in short sentences.

Here’s an example of what not to do:

"I am interested in developing an opt in page to promote a product for which I am an affiliate using the format below. I need someone to develop the compelling headline for the bait (i.e. the name of the free report that is so compelling they say “I WANT THAT!!!”) of that opt in page for me. I will get someone else to actually create the report and the opt in page.

Here is the format:


(Go here and watch this video for a detailed understanding of the opt in page:


Here is the site that we will be promoting as an affiliate with this opt in page:






Using this simple opt in page format with John Doe’s instructions, Can you create the headline for the bait, headline, subheadline etc. for the affiliate site that we are wanting to promote?"

Are you confused? I am.

Would it not easier to write: “Write a headline for LINK 1, a headline and subhead for LINK 2, and a headline for LINK 3”?

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