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Photos of real people on gigs thatdoesn't belong to the seller?


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Hello everyone so i decided to bring some photos of random people on the internet ( Google as a source) And draw them, to serve my purpose of showing people that i can draw them! Do you think it is fine to do so ? I will defiantly state that the photos are not mine and are just used to the previous purpose.

Thank you !

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Honestly… not so good… I do understand your idea and it’s a good one… the only thing is that I had a case where a Fiverr seller was using the picture of a girl… that was in the news… and I pointed out to him and disepeared…

So, let’s do this: I will send you my picture and some of my friends and when you finish them, I will share it on Facebook and I will have them do the same thing with the link to your gig. What do you think?

If you’re interesed, contact me 🙂

I hope it helps.



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