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What to do if you recieved a bad order, but the seller has deleted the gig on Fiverr?


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How to ask for refund when the gig does not exist anymore?

It happened in my last order , and I feel someone has taken advantage of me. He promised pva facebook accounts, but delivered accounts that I can not log in to, becuase they are not verified by phone.

Any idea?

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I have notice a bit of scamming take place like that, they open a gig, no video make a few sales in 24-72 hours, delete gig

they do this to slip thru the cracks

indian based gigs usually though they say usa…

I have done form professional tracking and research on someone who did it to a friend of mine from here I got his acct closed on other networks as well, though that wont stoppem

#1: They are fake gigs, of no value…

#2: usually against fivers rules…

#3: usual a seller that has been boucning around had uses proxies and such and has multiple accts and multiple rt or paypals…


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Thank you for your replies. Yes contacted customer suppourt and they refunded my payment.

It is funny that the seller had a couple of excellent ratings before me, but maybe they are fake too.

and Indeed the seller was Indian , but I had another very good Indian seller,would not generalize really ,but you are right , I get the impression many sellers who claim to be from USA have very poor English, they must be using proxies

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